What are the Odds??

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Wednesday, February 05, 2014
By Shelley Miller
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I always visualize my photo sessions before they happen.  It helps me plan and shoot with purpose.  I neatly lay everything out I want to use, based on my conversations with my client beforehand...you know, color scheme, decor, style etc..  Then this beautiful newborn baby shows up and - well I never know what is about to happen next!  Best laid plans and all. . .

Every once in a while I get parents come in with an agenda of exactly what they envision.  Sometimes it terrifies me, but most of the time I am grateful, because knowing what they are looking for sure helps the final product.  With that being said, here is how one of my recent newborn shoots went down.

Little David's room was going to have an aviator theme.  Bingo!  One of my greatest splurge prop purchases a while ago was an Airflow Collectible Pedal airplane.  We would definitly fit this into our photo shoot.  Mom and dad had an shot list agenda.  A lot of it revolved around the airplane, and military themes. Grandpa and Great Grandpa's hats from the army and the navy would make great props.  There were other ideas..all of them fun.  Now - all we needed was for David to cooperate.  This is the no guarantee part, because as I said . . .babies rule.  David was feeling very cooperative on this day and the results were really fun.


When mom and dad came back a week later for their "View and Choose" session, we discussed possible places for wall art.  Mom was talking about how everyone gifted them wall art of airplanes for David's bedroom, and they weren't even sure where the would have room to hang anything else in the room.  She even pulled out her cell phone to show me some of the prints in his room.  Then she showed me this picture and things changed!


What are the odds that my little pedal car would be the exact replica of this aiplane her mom gave her for the nursery? They didn't even realize it during our photo session. When I first was this picture, I was wondering where the kids sits and the steering wheel was - until I saw the pilot in the back of the plane flying the thing!  They are going to frame David's plane picture and put it on the wall right above this.  How could you resist!!  I had no idea that my little plane was a replica of something real!  So cool.

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