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Friday, May 16, 2014
By Shelley Miller
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There is an amazing program many of you may be familiar with called "Wednesday's Child"  It is a segment that NBC (WRC) news hosts by news anchor Barbara Harrison, to tell the story of various foster kids in hopes of getting them permanent loving homes.  There is another organization that partners with Wednesday's Child called the Heart Gallery.  About a year ago I was approached to be a volunteer photograpehr to take photos of some of these kids that would be displayed in this travelling display as another way to bring awareness to people about adoption.  I quickly jumped at the chance, and fell in love with each child that I photographed.  A few months ago, I was asked to be one of just a few photographers that actually went on these Wednesday Child tapings and photgraph in the background.  For those of you who have never seen the segment, the child is taken to someplace where that they can participate in a favorite activity of theirs.  Sports venues, spas, bowling alleys, chocolate name it.  The child is treated to the grand tour along with Barbara.  At the end we print some of the photographs and put them into a scrapbook for the child to remember their special day. Barbara then tells their story on the Wednesday's Child segment, aired 3 times every week.   Of course the utlitate gift would be that of a loving forever family.

Recently the Heart Gallery had somewhat of a "changing of the guard" as it was handed over from the Freddie Mac Foundation to be presented by Adoptions Together.  This week there was a ribbon cutting, and Barbara Harrison, along with Adoption Together's Executive director, Janice Goldwater and Renette Okelwich of the Freddie Mac Foundation were present to do the honors.

I got to be on hand as the photographer for the event, and all of the photographs in the segment were taken by me.  I love the work that I get to do with Wednesday's Child.  There is something so good about the feeling that maybe one of my photos could spark something in a potential adoptivie parent, and in some VERY small way I can help to connect them.  I fall totally in love with every child I meet.  When I got to see the gallery for the first time on Tuesday, I smiled at all the faces that have touched me, and remembered all of their names.  The program does great work and to date over 110 children have been matched to permanent loving homes thru this gallery...not bad stats.

There are so many kids out there that have never experienced the love or stability that a real family can provide.  If you know anyone, or your yourself have been considering adoption, this is a great way to go.

Click on the photo below to see the segment about the ribbon cutting utilizing my pictures.  Check out some of the other segments as well to see some of the other great kids out there.

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