Video is the new Black (or something like that)

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Monday, February 11, 2013
By Shelley
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Anyone who knows me, knows that I get excited about new ideas . . .ALOT!  I am definitely the OHHHH Shiny girl.  But I really think . . .no I am positive this is different.  

Ever since I watched my first Creative Live webinar a few months ago, I have been a huge fan of Sue Bryce. Any creative reading this that does not know about Creative Live, needs to immediately check them out (after you finish reading my blog).  Not only is her photography amazing, but her marketing ideas are brilliant, and she is so much fun to watch.  My specialty is more kids and weddings than glamour, but everything she teaches works in all genres.  I am a big fan of her video showreels.  A couple of weeks ago she and Hailey Barthlomew taught a Creative Live on the whole video fusion thing.  I am hooked!

Ever since I worked at the camera store, and saw that the Digital SLR's were beginning to include video modes, I knew there was something special in that.  When customers used to come in and buy their digital SLR's and I got all excited about the video mode, so many would say, "Oh I'll never use that"  I thought, that's okay, I will!  But until I saw Hailey and Sue's Creative Live, I didn't realize how cool it could be.  So when they presented their 30 Days of Grateful Challenge I was totally on board.  The challenge was to video something every day that makes you grateful and edit it into a 2 minute video with music.  We were going on vacation shortly and I couldn't be more grateful to be in paradise with my camera.  I used my Nikon D3 for the stop action stuff and my Iphone for the video. (I left my D90 with video capabilities at home, but the iphone did great!).  I couldn' t wait 30 days to start editing.  And come on, 7 days in Curacao, is worth 30 days of grateful as far as I'm concerned.  So here is the latest version (I can't stop editing).  

Tomorrow I am beginning shooting a show reel for my kid photography.  I have so many fun things planned.  I will chronical my progess on this all.  Meanwhile it is so much fun, and I keep thinking of an endelss amount of applications.  

30 Days of Grateful in 7 days in Paradise from Shelley Miller on Vimeo.

From my 30 Days of Grateful Project, inspired by Sue Bryce and Hailey Bartholomew's Creative Live. I figure 7 days in Paradise is worth at least 30 days of grateful! All of the video was shot with my iPhone and stop action photography was shot with my Nikon D3. Work in progress.

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