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Thursday, February 26, 2015
By Shelley Miller
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I think I may need therapy.  I CANNOT stop making tutus.  But it's not just tutus.  I am a Pinterest addict.  I see things and I immediatly figure out a way to incorporate them into my business plan.  In just the last year...okay three months...I have in my mind created a soap and lotion empire and have created several mini hot air balloons that are currently handing all over my studio waiting to be used in a photo session.  My "whimsical photo sessions" idea have given way to a plethera of crepe paper flowers that eventually led to my work in progress white flower wall (see my last blog post).  The paper flowers somehow led to fabric flower embelleshments, that started when I made a couple of tutus for an upcoming twin photo session.  I saw some great looking floral embelleshments and the pinning addict inside me said "you can so diy this".  I loved making the tutus and just can't seem to stop.  Each tutu inspires something else that I just have to try.  It's exhausting!


I just ran across this great blog site called "WhatsUpMoms".  They are an amazing group of moms who blog diy projects and create these hysterical parodys.  Check out the link below.  I have actually made about half the stuff in this video.  I love these ladies!!



Back to my tutus. . . I am about to share how they are turning out.  I think they are really cute.  And because I simply cannot stop making them, I am going to offer them for sale on my website...there may even be an Esty site in my future.  If you are a photographer looking for some adorable props, or a mom looking for an adorable party dress, or outfit for a photoshoot, or flower girl dress, check it out.

To kick off my new obsession. . . errr I mean business venture...I will be giving away a free one on Facebook soon.  Stay tuned.

In the meantime, I would love your comments and suggestions.  Thanks and happy crafting!


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tutus for girls - adorable tutus! Loved it! Thank You For Posting. tutus for girls are always awesome
Natasha - Your tutus are gorgeous! Thank you for letting Izabella & Gizelle model them in their photoshoot last Saturday! They looked so pretty & adorable in them! I cannot wait to see more images of them wearing those tutus!
Brenda Dintiman - I love the tutus you are creating! Just beautiful! Cant wait to give them to my grandnieces!