The Nursing Moms Food Guide - Newborn Photography Hint

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015
By Shelley Miller
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It quickly becomes obovious to any new mom that what they eat their baby eats also. In preparing for a newborn photography session, what mom doesn't always realize is that what she eats up to 48 hours before their photosession, may just dictate how that session will go.  Now all babies are a newborn photographer, I sure can attest to that fact.  But we have found through personal experience as a mom and a photographer, that certain foods really affect babies.  Gassy or grunting babies are often this way due to an intolerance to spicy or particularly gassy foods.  Avoiding these foods for 48 hours before your newborn photosession, may just make the difference between a fussy baby and a sleepy happy baby during your shoot.  

Here is a handy dandy guide of foods to avoid 48 hours before your newborn photography session.  They just might make the difference.  And then again...babies do rule, and like the english language there is an exception to every rule!


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