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Wednesday, August 14, 2013
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Wow!  I can't beleive that it is August.  Why does summer always go by 10 times faster than winter???  We just got back from a wonderful vacation week at Hilton Head Island.  It was kind of a last minute decision to go there, and it was a fantastic one.  It was also a bit of an ah-ha moment for me.  

The hotel we stayed at was a highly rated boutique hotel.  I have been using that word in relation to my photography business, but until our stay at The Inn At Harbour Place, I really didn't totally get it.  Their attention to detail was phenominal.  As part of a gated community, you have to check in at the guest house before entering the resort.  When we pulled up to the hotel, they welcomed us by name.  It was late and we were hungry.  Knowing that the restuarants in to resort closed soon, they took us there in a golf cart and picked us up when we were done eating.  We learned the next day that it was only about 1/4 of a mile away, but it was dark, and we probably would still be looking for our way back!  The handwritten thank you not from the "Butler staff" (note to use of the word butler as opposed to housekeeping), the turndown service with not just our chocolate square, but a card with the next day weather, and a small gift of some very useful beauty product appropriately timed (undereye cream the first nite, and a few days later after some serious sun time, a tube of lip balm appeared).  Free valet parking, free internet (wy do lower end motels and not usually the expensive ones provide free internet?), and free use of bicycles to ride around the resort on. That all just scratches the surface.

Did we pay more for this great resort?  You betcha!  Did we care?  Not a bit - look how we were treated.  We departed our week at the resort, rested, spoiled, well care for, and very happy to dole out our hard earned money to them.  Going forward in my business, this is how I intend to set myself apart from the pack (well okay maybe there won't be free use of bicycles).  Besides, it's fun to please and suprise.

On the way home, I saw a billboard for a major chain type hotel/motel.  The copy said something like "comfortable beds".  Really?  I would rather be the eye cream, lip balm, thank you note type of business.

Maybe this trip can be deductable as an educational trip :-)


Harbour at sunset


View from our room

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