Snow Days, Paper Flowers and Other Rambling Thoughts

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015
By Shelley Miller
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I am not a big fan of winter.  I grew up in Chicago, so I figure my winter tolereance has long ago expired.  I whine about the cold, snow, ice, and generally everything related to winter. 

Growing up in Chicago, the land of wind and snow, we had our share of horrific winters, but folks there just took it in stride and moved on.  I remember schools closing only once.  And that was a historic snow storm of about 2 feet in January of '67. (not that I was even born then ;-)). Here in Northern Virginia, the mere threat of snow closes everything down for days.  Today the Federal Government closed.  How is that even possible?

An interesting thing happened to me tho since I moved here.  I have become a winter wimp.  Now I am not admitting to running to the grocery store with the threat of snow, but I did find myself running to Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics before the latest snow event here.  Now I am really prepared for any winter event!

This is usually my slower time of the year as a photographer.  After the holiday rush and before spring.  I decided this year I would work on my business while I wasn't working in my business.  This for me can be very dangerous as well as exciting.  I think that like a lot of creative people I have a little (no a lot) of "ooooh shiny" in me.  I come up with all of these creative ideas (mostly complicated and too expensive) and figure brilliant ways to work my business plan around it.  Mostly they involve some crafting diy projects that I can either use for my business or sell to clients or other photographers. I also have lots of unfinished projects around.  My two latest:  my flower wall background, and tutu's...yes tutu's.  The first started from an idea of a series of whimiscal photo sets and evolved into this complicated but beautiful project of making paper and fabric flowers and attaching them to a huge canvas and using it as a photo backdrop.  I no sooner started doing this, when I noticed a disproportionate amount of facebook and pinterest posts about people doing flower walls.  Maybe this is like Mel Gibson movie "Signs" about the crop circles and aliens. I guess this proves that there is no totally originial idea...or the imminent arrival of aliens.


This is taking up a huge amount of time...for the most part I am really enjoying doing this (minus the hot glue burns I keep getting on my fingers).  I know me, and keep waiting tho for the ooooh shiny to take over, leaving me with lots of unmade paper flowers and a half filled canvas...I hope not, and plan to keep posting my progress.  Anyway as long as it remains cold outside and there are snow days, I will keep making flowers...or tutus...

More about the tutus on a later post...

If enough people show interest and request it, I will post some how tos about this flower wall.  I started by searching pinterest for flower tutorials, and as I go, I am finding that I am now making them up as I go.  I have been grateful in the past for all the tutorials others have posted.  I have been taking pictures of this along the way, and would be happy to try and put something together to help others who might be looking for a creative but time sucking project that hopefully reaps a benefit or two...Just ask.

In the meantime, I've got to go make flowers and burn my fingers...stay warm.



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Natasha - Your flower wall was beautiful in person! It was so lovely as one of the backdrops for my baby twins!
Angela - I think your flower wall is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen!!