New Years Resolutions, Nutella and other ramblings

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Thursday, January 29, 2015
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I know, I know, I'm at the end of the month and just talking about my New Years resolutions.  That is probably because I have failed at my first resolution not to procrastinate.   As I get older, I think my expectations get a little more realistic.  I started working out to look good for my son's wedding in November.  After I got into it a little more, I realized I acually did start feeling Plantar Fasciitis, pain went away, and I did notice that when I would photograph a wedding I was slightly less exhausted at the end of the evening...and less of the groomsmen offered to help me up after squatting way down to get a shot.  The dress fit for the wedding, I looked as good as someone xx years plus could and it was a wonderful time (and afterall, I do know photoshop;-).  My goals have changed from looking smoking hot...(shared my favorite facebook post recently that said, "being cremated is my last hope for a smoking hot body..the truth).

 Now I simply want to take my future grandchildren to Disneyworld, and not have to be pushed me in the wheelchair along side of the stroller!  

I have tried to eat healthier...I actually love Quinoa, and avacodos, and most of all those new super foods.  I'm trying to stay away from the white stuff, you know sugar, bread and stick with the whole grains.  I'm excited to find out that peanut butter is actually pretty healthy, and recently discovered Nutella.  I know, it may not be a superfood, but the label says if you combine it with whole grain, and fruit it makes for a nutritious breakfast...and I beleive everything I read on the internet, and food labels...especially if it says what I want to hear.  Did I mention that the first ingredient in Nutella is sugar..I am not perfect!  And why did it take me so long to discover Nutella???  I'm blaming my mom on this one.  I found a cookbook yesterday soley dedicated to Nutella recipes.  It's on my wish list.  Probably counter productive to eating healthy..but that stuff just tastes so good!

See it says right here it is a balanced breakfast food!

Okay, so I am getting a pretty good handle on the body part of the way to live in if I can tackle the organizational part.  I promise to work on soon as I find my planner, and my keys, and my cell phone.  Oh well, there is always 2016.

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