Kateri & Mark

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Monday, August 04, 2014
By Shelley Miller
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I have known Mark since he was in middle school.  He and my son grew up close friends and teammates, and it has been a great and amazing journey for both of them.  They even purchased their first real estate together (and remained friends thoughout:), and will be in each others upcoming weddings.  I sat on many a bleacher with Marks parents, watching MANY baseball games.  They played baseball as teammates through high school, went to different colleges to play baseball, and both got the chance to try their hand at professional ball...Mark with  the Detroit Tigers and my son with the Atlanta Braves.  They got to play against each other at both those levels.  Mark was a great part of a huge portion of our lives and photographing their wedding is very special to me.

When they asked me be their wedding photographer, I jumped at the chance.  How they got as old as they are without me againg a year, is however beyond me.

Mark met Kateri about 7 years ago.  They are just perfect for each other. I loved watching them together. Kateri is beautiful and will make a stunning bride.  I loved watching them together during our engagement shoot.  I fell in love with her and them as a couple.  I couldn't be happier for them both.

This will be a fun one!


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