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Monday, September 30, 2013
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It has been a very busy couple of months.  I have just finished renovating my home studio space so I can use it again.  I will still have my studio in Winchester, but will not be going there as much. So all my Winchester area clients, I have not abandoned you, I am will be there or on location, or wherever you need your photographs taken.  I have loved everyone I have met there so far, and would never want to sever those relationships.  But, as most of you know, I live 55 miles from Winchester, and would like to have access to a great studio location a bit closer to home (this definitly qualifies).

I don't think I intended to have this project get as big as it did...I never do.  You know how it is when you see a dirt spot on your wall, and think, well maybe if I just take a damp cloth and wipe it, and before you know it the whole room is painted, because wiping that spot just showed you how dirty your wall really was?  Well multiply that by 10.  

I had an amazing friend and contractor do all the work in lightening speed time.  I highly recommend him.  His work is amazing, prices reasonable and you don't feel like you have to set up a room in your house for them to live in cause they will be there so long!  (my husband once told a painter in our house that he was setting up a college fund for him, because he thought that anyone there for so long was probably a son and he needed to think about his education) Lee Bowman of Bowman Home Enhancements...highly recommended!   The only one who wasn't so thrilled with this renovation was our dog Wrigley.  For those of you who know him . . .and most of you do, Wrigley is a very gentle, but VERY scared Beagle.  It took him a week before he would even come down the stairs to the basement.  He's getting used to it and very happy to have the noise stopped and the house free of workers again.

I always thought my studio was too dark (the walls were kind of a pumpkin rust color.  After the new paint went on, I was amazed to find out that I had a wonderful natural light studio...right here in my house!  Go figure.  I as a photographer should have known what white paint can do for light reflection!  Well I am in love with my new space, and had my first session here over the weekend.. Keep em coming.  Look for some new studio specials very soon

Here is what it looks like.  Come by and visit.

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