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Sunday, May 19, 2013
By Shelley Miller
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Planning a wedding takes an incredible amount of planning, orgainization, and often stress.  Some of my favorites have been the quick impromptu ones.

JP first contacted me just about 2 weeks before their wedding.  They were looking for a photographer for their ceremony they were going to be having at the Jefferson Memorial.  JP and Brittany both went to UVa, so it seemed like a fitting venue for them.  He said that neither one of them really wanted to plan a big wedding, and really didn't like being the center of all the attention.  The ceremony would be brief with just their immediate family in attendance.  The officiant Jeff Maszal had reccommended me.  Jeff and I have worked together several times.  The first one perhaps the most memorable, took place in front of the Winston Churchill Statue in front of the British Embassy.  We even worked together at a wedding in Seattle a few years back.  Jeff is a great guy, and I looked forward to working with him again.

The weather was great, the setting quite fitting for this awesome couple and things went off very smoothly.  I can't say tho that they weren't the center of attention anyway, as crowds grew around them as the ceremony began.  There was even a whole military school from Canada in attendance!  The ceremony was lovely.  Both Jeff and Brittany had spent time in the Middle East and were in fact going to work in Jordan for the next three years.  It was pefect that they worked some middle eastern traditions into their ceremony, like pouring of sand into a vase, and the sharing of a sweet.  (they were candied almonds, that Jeff shared with the crowd, so all were really involved.

I love photographing all weddings.  There is something so magical about this day.  But sometimes, these small intimate ones are really special.  I didn't get a chance to meet Brittany and JP before the wedding as I usually do, but loved working with them in the short time we spent together.  They were beautiful, fun, so in love (and both criers,  - a photographers dream! - gottal love emotional pictures!)

Thank you guys for allowing me into your lives on this most special day!


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