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Sunday, January 29, 2012
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I love my Baby Plan clients.  Like my wedding clients, I really cherish the chance to get to know the people I am photogrpahing.  I am always in awe at how much these little guys change in the first year.  It's a joy for me to be able to witness and capture this incredible year!  

Holt and Hansen were born at 7 pounds something, and 8 pounds something, huge for twins, and the first chance we had to get them into the studio for their newborn pictures, they were already 4 weeks old.  This is two weeks past the optimum newborn photo age.  Little ones begin to stay awake a little more then, but don't quite have the eye focusing down, so they still look best sleeping.  At one month, it is hard enough getting one to sleep, so twins definitly presented a challenge.  Between, mom, grandma, the nanny, my assistant, and myself we did prevail!  

The six month session usually is the easiest.  And is was in this case also. the boys were smiley and social, but not too mobile yet.  These sessions typically go much faster.  I really love this time, although I can't reallysay which of the tree sessions are usually my favorites.  I LOVE the sweet newborns, with their bendable bodies, and sweet smells (well okay aside from the poop and pee, and occational projectile vomitting).   

It was fun to watch how the boys personalities develop.  Even from the first shoot, you could tell that Holt was the thinker and Hansen was the doer.  



By the time the boys were in for their first birthday session, they were both walking.  This presented new challenges.  Chasing twin boys became a major part of the shoot.  Each session presents it's own set of challenges as a photographer.  Keeping them asleep as a newborn, happy as a six month old, and still as a one year old.

Entertaining them becomes paramount!  The fun thing about this session, is that just when you feel the meltdown begin, you put a birthday cake in front of them, and then the whole game changes.  It is so much fun to see the reaction of different kids to the fact that someone just placed an entire birthday cake in front of them.  Hansen immediately turned his over, and dug in...serious eating, and cake everywhere, in the hair the eyes and -  well pretty much everywhere.  Hold liked mostly to put his feet in the cake.

The Result:

Chasing boys around studio:  1 hour

Smashing birthday cake:   5 minutes

Cleaning up the studio:   1 hour

Resulting photos:  Priceless


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