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Tuesday, June 18, 2013
By Shelley
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There has been so much rain this spring, that I was really excited that Saturday's engagement session with Ashley and Ryan actually produced a great weather day.  We chose Meadowlark Gardens for our setting.  The one good thing the rain has brought this spring was amazingly green and lush gardens.

Ashley had the most amazing blue eyes, and is not only georgous, but very photogenic.  Thier adorable puppy was also quite the photo hog, and seemed to know just when the camera was on her and loved posing.  Ryan was a great sport. . .in spite of the fact he was typical of most of the guys in my engagement shoots, who aren't all that into these sessions. . .that is until they find out there will be a log of kissing and hugging involved.

I loved their story.  Ashely and Ryan went to high school together, dated, broke up and went their separate ways.  Then one day, Ashley was out with her friends, and as they were getting onto the metro, the doors closed before she could get aboard with her girlfriends. Plans were to meet at the next metro stop.  That's when fate stepped in.  Mechanical malfunction caused the metro to briefly stop running and while she was waiting on the platform who does she run into, buy Ryan!  The rest is history.  Anybody who does't beleive in destiny, needs to know this story!  Ashley said, "Thank goodness for metro breakdowns!"  Our final photo stop at the Vienna Metro station, seemed not only  fitting but necessary to complete this session!

Ashley & Ryan - you guys are awesome, and I can't wait to be a part of your wedding day!  

Here is a brief video snippet from our session with some of my favs. 


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