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Monday, June 10, 2013
By Shelley
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I loved Anna the first time she came to my studio to talk about her wedding, and was so glad that she chose me to capture the memories of her and Steve at their beautiful intimate wedding in Winchester.  Anna and Steve chose to have a small family only wedding in the garden terrace of the George Washington Hotel in downtown Winchester.  The "George" is such a perfect and classy venue for weddings, big or small.  With only the immediate family and Anna's best friend in attendance and Anna's father as the officiant, Anna and Steve exchanged their vows on an amazingly beauiful weather day.  Just after hurricane Andrea dumped a ton of rain in the area in the days before, we never expected such beautiful weather.  I tell all of my brides (only on the beautiful weather days) that good weather in my contract...

After the ceremony, because the weather was go great, we executed Plan A, which was to go take some romantic shots in Old Town Winchester.  We knew that there was a Beer Fest there until six pm, so we were arriving just as it was ending....and the few fun and intoxicated fest-goers were still hanging around.  Amist applause and good cheers we paraded thru the old town area, snapping shots, and having fun.  I did find it amazing how many people came up to us and asked if they were just walking the mall in a wedding dresst is be an everyday occurance in downtown Winchester.  Maybe it was the beer talking :-)

Anna and Steve - thank you for letting me be just a small part of your most special day. Anna you looked stunning in your beutiful lace dress and baby breath in your hair.  Love you guys!!

Here is a short snippet video from some of my favorite pictures of the day.  Enjoy!

If you want to see a few more still shots, check out my facebook page...Feel free to share this and the facebook page, and like my page.


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