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Friday, May 31, 2013
By Shelley
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Hooray for Wedding season.  It's the ultimate of beginnings...beginning of a new season, beginning of a life together, you get it.

This has been a very strange spring, weather wise...warm one day and snow the next.  It has been a challenge to find decent weather to get all of the engagement sessions in.  We finally got some of them in last weekend, as the weather was finally great.

I have been playing alot lately with video fusion, which is so much fun.  It works really well with engagement sessions, because it's a great way to tell their story in a fun way.  As a photographer it's a great way to set our work apart.  And it is a great way to showcase the couple at either their wedding of rehearsal dinner in a much more upscale trendy way than just showing pictures of them when they were young.  I'll talk more about this technique in a future blog

I can't show you any of my most recent ones yet, as they will be showcased for the first time at their upcoming weddings.  But watch this spot.

In the meantime, here is a short video just from the still shots that we shot from Anna and Steves session.  They have chosen to have a small intimate wedding at the George Washington Hotel in Winchester, in just a little over a week.  It seemed fitting that we choose the newly renovated walking mall in Winchester for the setting of their shoot.  We thought it would be fun to have balloons as a reaccuring prop in the video.  It was fun, but a bit windy for balloons.  

If you enjoy this, please check out my facebook page and like it.  You can also see some of my first fusion videos for kids and birthday parties there too.

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